Tiny Houses with First-Floor Bedrooms (No Lofts)!

Many tiny house enthusiasts do not want to or are unable to climb up a ladder or staircase to sleep in a loft.  Is it possible to build a tiny house without a sleeping loft?

Good news- yes, it is!  B&B Micro Manufacturing, Inc. makes quite a few tiny house models with first-floor sleeping.
Our models with first-floor sleeping are:

The Hudson, 20′ long, open floor plan, customize your own starting at $39,000
Hudson Tiny House First Floor Bedroom
The Hudson, 26′ long, open floor plan, customize your own starting at $44,000
The Stony Ledge, 30′ long, bedroom separated by wall: we have this model in stock currently for $86,000 or customize your own starting at $69,000
The Silver Lake, 32′ long, bedroom separated by wall: customize your own starting at $69,000
The Ashmere, 30′ long, open floor plan: customize your own starting at $69,000
The Brodie Guest House/Studio/Office, 20′ long: open floor plan; this house has a half-bathroom (no shower) and can fit a full-size bed (the desk is pictured because this house was styled as an office, but a bed can fit there): in-stock at $43,900
The Stony Ledge, Silver Lake and Hoosic tiny houses have two steps up into the kitchen and/or bathroom because water tanks are hidden beneath.  If you do not plan to move around with your house and will be hooked up to freshwater and wastewater lines permanently, we can eliminate the water tanks and the two steps.

For more information on single-level tiny houses, please contact us using this form, and specify you are interested in a tiny house with no loft. 

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