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Tiny House Appendix Adopted in MA, Effective 1/1/2020

The Tiny House Appendix will become official in Massachusetts in January 2020. The newest complete edition of the MA Building Code will be released in 2021.  However, effective 1/1/2020, Appendix Q, also known as the Tiny House Appendix, is anticipated to be adopted into the current Massachusetts state building code. From a letter by John […]

10 Tips for Downsizing To A Tinier Lifestyle

Whether you plan to move into a tiny house on wheels, a small house on a foundation, or stay in your current house but just get rid of some junk, you could probably stand to purge some items. You might find that by downsizing, you’re expanding your world. 1. Downsize gradually.  This process doesn’t have […]

Office Space for Rent in North Berkshire County, Massachusetts

As we move into a bigger building to better accommodate our tiny houses and modular houses, we’re moving into a beautiful building with more office space than we need! The former Brown Packaging Company on Curran Memorial Highway in Adams, MA will be our new home.  We will be offering a variety of different spaces to […]

Where In Massachusetts Are Tiny Houses Legal?

Where Can You Put A Tiny House in Massachusetts? With your help, we’re compiling a list of every city and town in Massachusetts and its attitude toward tiny houses on wheels and on foundations.  This is part of a larger initiative by the American Tiny House Association to gather tiny house information for every state […]

Tiny House Design Sessions

Ready to schedule a design session for your tiny house? Here’s what to expect. Before Your Design Session: 1. Get an idea of what you’d like in your tiny house and how much you want to spend. Tiny house design sessions can happen either via Skype or in person at our workshop in North Adams, […]

Great Barrington, MA Will Vote On Backyard Tiny Houses May 6

The planning & zoning board of the town of Great Barrington, MA is considering allowing tiny houses on wheels, or movable tiny houses, as Accessory Dwelling Units in the back yards of existing houses. The tiny house amendment has gone through all the previous stages of approval: registered voters in Great Barrington will vote on […]

Under Construction: The Green River Small Home by B&B Quality Construction

The Green River Small Home Built by B&B Quality Construction, a division of B&B Micro Manufacturing, Inc. Built on-site on a foundation (not on wheels) Small footprint at 16′ x 20′ plus a porch Kitchen, bathroom and living room downstairs Stairs up to sleeping loft B&B Quality Construction builds homes and other buildings on-site with […]