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How To Save A Ton of Money on Your Tiny House Build

Many people who want to go tiny do so because it’s a wallet-friendly housing choice.  Whether for a primary residence or a vacation home, tiny houses use less materials and less energy over time than traditional single family homes. Much of saving money on a tiny house build involves understanding the many different options available […]

Tiny House Security

How to Secure Your Tiny House Against Break-Ins and Theft.   A thief would have to be pretty determined to steal a whole house.  A tiny house on wheels is a highly visible item and most are custom-built, making it an easily recognizable theft. It’s not the type of thing a thief can slip away with […]

Silver Lake Tiny House in New Book

Last year, Monsa Publications out of Barcelona asked us if they could feature our Silver Lake Tiny House in their new book: Tiny Mobile Homes: Small Space – Big Freedom. Of course, we said yes! Today we received the book, and it’s beautiful.  Thank you, Monsa! Here’s a link to more info on the book.

Comparing the True Cost of a Tiny House Versus a Traditional House

Tiny Houses at first glance are much cheaper than traditional houses.  However, let’s take a closer look at the costs involved in tiny house living versus traditional house living. The cost to build a tiny house is more per square foot, but less overall. Why? Tiny houses are smaller.  The cheapest square footage in any […]

What’s the Best Size Tiny House for Travel?

Tiny Houses on Wheels are sized for the road. An 8 1/2 foot width is standard in tiny houses because that’s the maximum width that can safely travel down roads without an oversize permit.  We also build some tiny houses on wheels 10 feet wide and procure oversize permits in every state they’ll travel through […]