We’re continuously trying to improve our offerings and ease of purchase process for our tiny houses on wheels.  You may have noticed that the pricing on our website has changed.  We hope our new pricing system is a better reflection of what you can expect to actually pay for one of our tiny houses, not just the minimum price for a bare-bones tiny house.

Higher Tiny House Prices?

The prices on our website are higher than they were last year.  This is for two reasons: 1. The supplier pricing has increased for certain materials, and 2. Our new pricing system reflects what the tiny houses look like in their photos, rather than the starting price for a bare-bones house, which is how the prices were previously displayed.

1. Pricing Increase for Certain Materials & Techniques.  

In the three or so years we’ve been building tiny houses, we’ve done a lot of experimentation.  In many ways, building tiny houses is quite similar to building “regular-sized” houses, which we were doing previously.  But we’ve also done some experimentation and learned a lot in the process.  We’ve updated our pricing to include our best knowledge of how long it takes to build certain features, as well as updated our pricing with the latest cost of materials and fixtures on the market.  Wherever there is a difference in what you see in our product photos versus what you get based on the latest knowledge and new or improved materials and appliances, we’ll note it in the product description.

2. Revamp Pricing System For Clarity.  

We wanted to remove confusion over the starting price, which includes basic materials and appliances, versus the finished price, which includes the higher-quality and heavier-duty materials and prices you see in many of the photographs.

For example, compare the kitchen of the Hoosic, with its two-burner electric cooktop, no oven, basic mini-fridge under the counter, and basic countertops, with the kitchen of the Arcadia, with its propane/electric stove and oven with a range hood, built-in stainless steel fridge drawers, and custom poured concrete countertops.  Previously, both houses’ starting price reflected the basic kitchen, so customers were coming to us with the understanding that the kitchen they saw in the Arcadia could be had for the basic pricing of the kitchen in the Hoosic.

The Hoosic’s basic kitchen.

The Arcadia’s upgraded kitchen. 

Chart: Included Features in Each Tiny House Model

There is a chart at the bottom of the Signature Models Catalogue page showing what is included in the pricing of each house: materials, appliances, and other features.

Instead of offering every customization for every house, this chart will help our customers choose the best tiny house for their needs, making the process quicker and less expensive, because we don’t have to re-design and problem solve for every tiny house we build.  We spent time analyzing data for each house we previously offered, kept our top six tiny houses as our 2020 Signature Models, and applied what we know about customer expectations to each house to include features and fixtures that made the most sense for each individual house.

Transparent Tiny House Pricing

We hope this change will make the final price of the actual tiny house you’ll buy (not just the bare bones starting model) more transparent.  There were many potential customers coming to us with lower pricing expectations than we could meet, because they thought the starting price was the price with all the add-ons and luxury finishes they saw in the photos.  We hope this change makes the actual pricing more transparent and less confusing for the customer.

A Range of Levels of Luxury in our Tiny Houses

We still offer a large range of the level of luxury in our tiny houses, offering both small and “large” tiny houses for those who want to pay basic pricing as well as those who want to glam up their space.

Some of our models, like the Kinderhook and the Arcadia, have more luxury features and appliances, and some, like the Hoosic and Taconic, have basic kitchens and bathrooms.  In offering a range of luxury levels, we hope to make our houses available to all kinds of tiny house enthusiasts.

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