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  • We offer delivery of our tiny houses on wheels anywhere in the continental US. If you are planning to live in your tiny house on wheels full time, please check your local zoning bylaws to make sure living in an RV is allowed.
  • Our tiny house designs can be found at "Signature Models" under "Tiny Houses" in the main menu.
  • The starting price of our tiny houses on wheels ranges from $39,000 to $89,000. Permanently-affixed modular homes or in-law cottages' pricing depends on a number of factors.
  • After the design is reviewed and the contract is signed, our normal time frame to finish a tiny house is 8-12 weeks, depending on our build calendar.
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Tiny House on Wheels

Tiny houses on wheels are a road-legal 8 1/2′ wide and under 13 1/2′ tall.  Their length can be up to 32′, although tiny houses used for travel should be 24′ or shorter.  For tiny houses on wheels that will not be traveling, we recommend parking them on a concrete or gravel pad or on a driveway.  Tiny houses on wheels can use RV hookups, water tanks, or be permanently tied in to water and power sources.  B&B Tiny Houses are certified by the RVIA and can be parked anywhere an RV can be parked.

Park Model Tiny House on Wheels

Park model homes, at 10′ wide or wider, are permanently on the chassis and need to professionally delivered because they require an oversize permit to move.  They can be placed on a gravel or concrete pad and permanently hooked up to a power source, a well or city water, and a septic system or sewer.  B&B Tiny Houses are certified by the RVIA and can be parked anywhere an RV can be parked.

Stick-Built House

We build stick-built houses on-site within one hour of our shop in North Adams, MA.  This house is permanently on a foundation, pad or slab and tied into fresh water (well or town water), wastewater (septic or sewer), and electricity.  Financing and zoning are for traditional houses.  B&B’s stick-built houses are built to the building code and zoning laws of the state and town they are in.

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Tiny House or Modular Home Sales and Customization: (530) 686-5680

Tiny House Financing: (413) 427-2686

We periodically exhibit our houses at events: please check our Blog for upcoming tiny house shows and open houses.  We offer tours to tiny house buyers by appointment only, on weekdays when we have units in stock.  B&B is located in Windsor Mill at 121 Union Street.  Our manufacturing facility is accessed via the Canal St. parking lot.