How to Customize Your Tiny House on Wheels

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The Hoosic Tiny House, customized three ways

Before customizing your tiny house, it’s smart to learn about all your options.  For example, we offer five different types of toilets!  What are the best options for you?  Click the link below to find out.

Customize Your Own Tiny House

The Brodie Mobile Studio/Office with a custom tiled backsplash and “silver latte” poured epoxy countertop.

After you’ve learned all you need to know about your customization options, use the Instant Estimate Generator to get your personalized rough estimate.  After you’ve received your estimate, you can learn about financing if necessary and schedule a time for a design session.  In our design session, we’ll nail down the exact options you want, from colors to faucets to cabinetry, and afterwards, you’ll get an accurate quote.  Then, we’ll be ready to build!

Even More Tiny House Options and Add-Ons

The Stony Ledge Tiny House being built in our manufacturing facility with its Shou Sugi Ban (woodburned) exterior siding.

Tiny House Solar Power

Solar Power Systems for Tiny Houses

The lowest-cost energy supply for tiny houses is plugging into the grid through RV hookups.  However, RV hookups aren’t always available, nor do they suit the needs or lifestyle of some of our customers.

For future tiny house owners who require solar power, we partner with Alt-E Store, a Massachusetts-based alternative energy system supplier.  You can find out more about their recommendations for tiny house solar energy here and plug your energy requirements into their load calculator to get an estimate of the amount of power you’ll need in your tiny house and what your solar requirements will cost.  Solar power can be a complicated subject: Alt-E Store is a great resource for deciding what kind of a system and how much power you’ll need.

If you plan to run your tiny house entirely with solar power, consider using as many non-electric appliances as possible. You can use propane for heat, whether via a heater or a fireplace, and for your stove/oven.  Installing skylights cuts down on electric lighting during the day.

If you can’t live without a washer/dryer, a dishwasher, or another appliance that consumes a lot of energy, you can use grid-tied solar power to supplement your energy usage but still use the grid for when your solar panels aren’t enough.

Tiny House Trailers

Tiny House Trailers

DIY tiny house builders: we sell tiny house trailers!  Our trailers are specifically made for tiny houses and built to the highest safety standards.  Standard 8 1/2 x 20 foot tiny house trailers start at $4500: we also offer custom trailers.  We also offer tiny house steel frame kits and wood framed shells for the DIY-er.  Contact us at to let us know exactly what you need!

Shou Sugi Ban Siding for Sale

shou sugi banShou Sugi Ban Siding for Sale

B&B is pleased to offer siding for any size project using the Japanese woodburning technique, Shou Sugi Ban.  “While shou sugi ban (焼杉板) originated in Japan in the 18th century primarily as way to treat cedar siding to make it weatherproof, the technique—which involves charring a wood surface to render it a deep charcoal-black—has caught on recently as a treatment for contemporary exteriors and indoor furnishings alike. …The gravitas imparted by the process and finished result (called yakisugi) are undeniable, a blackening of the wood that reveals clean, distinct lines and an inherent textural beauty.” – Architectural Digest

Contact us at (413)427-2686 for your shou sugi ban siding: $5 per linear foot of 1×6 shiplap.  We deliver locally.