Customize or Modify Your Tiny House Design


Prices are approximate.  Many factors such as material availability and our build schedule fluctuate throughout the year.  We will provide your final quote after your design session.

Colors and materials can be changed where the design allows (see the list below for options), but design changes are not possible.

Customization & Upgrade Options

Click any section below to see options.  The options in each section are listed from generally least to most expensive.


Least expensive option


Available in many colors and styles, such as clapboard (shown left), board and batten (shown right), or shingle-look.

Vertical solid wood shiplap, (available on selected models) painted, stained, or shou sugi ban (Japanese Woodburned)

In this photo: stained vertical wood shiplap, Cetol #005 Natural Oak

Ribbed Metal

In this photo: Ribbed Metal Siding shown in Hawaiian Blue.

Choose from 22 colors.

We can do allover metal siding or panels of metal mixed with wood shiplap.

Solid wood clapboard, painted or stained

In this photo: painted wood clapboard

If you’ll be towing your house often, consider that Vinyl and Metal are the lightest siding options.

Asphalt Shingles

Least expensive option

Ribbed Metal Roofing

Resideo Tiny House, Resideo Tiny Smart Home

Hudson Tiny House Exterior

Available in 22 colors

Wood shiplap, unfinished, stained or painted

Least expensive option

In this photo: unfinished wood shiplap walls


In this photo: drywall walls and ceiling

Engineered plank flooring is standard:  it’s durable, beautiful, and pictured in all our models.  Available in many colors.



Electric two-burner built-in cooktop

Least expensive option


24″ wide Summit Electric range (available in park models)


Please note, the propane/electric 24″ range we previously offered has been discontinued. 


Least expensive option

4.5 cubic ft, 21″ W x 33″ T.  We build a space for this fridge into the kitchen cabinetry.

Apartment size fridge

10.1 cubic ft., 24″ W x 68″ T

Available in some models

Under-counter refrigerator and/or freezer drawers

5.4 cubic ft. for two stacked as shown, 24″ W x 34″ T

Available in some models


Least expensive option

Resideo Tiny House, Resideo Tiny Smart Home

Stainless Steel

Taconic Tiny House Kitchen


In this photo: Limestone Prima


In this photo: Quartz

Cabinet Style:


Kinderhook Kitchen Cabinetry Tiny House Oven Microwave    Taconic Tiny House Kitchen


Traditional Raised Panel

Shower with vinyl insert

Least expensive option

Shower with tiling (choose ceiling-mount rain shower head or wall-mount shower head)

Shower/tub combo with tiling

Tubs are available where they can fit into the design. 

Optional: add an outdoor shower head

A note on choosing your tiny house toilet: consider whether the house will move and whether the locations will have electric and water hookups.  Read more about tiny house toilet options here. 

Laveo Dry-flush Toilet: less expensive up front, more expensive per flush over time: about a dollar per flush.  Uses electricity to flush but no water.  Uses a disposable cartridge that includes about 15 “flushes”.  Seals waste which can then be thrown out in the trash.  Great for weekend/vacation houses.

Dry Flush Toilet

Traditional flush toilet- use if your house will be permanently in place and directly tied into a septic or sewer system.  Uses water but no electricity.

Macerating Toilet: Use if you have water tanks.  The macerator uses water and electricity to grind up the waste into a liquid emulsion so it can be stored in the black water tank and then pumped out.  Macerating toilets are recommended for those who will be traveling with their houses.

Composting Toilet: This toilet doesn’t use electricity or water, but you’ll need a place to put your waste to compost.  Check in with your town to see if Humanure composting system is allowed.

Incinerating Toilet: Does not use water and doesn’t drain, but uses electricity to incinerate the waste. A bowl liner is placed into the bowl before use, and when the flush button is pushed, it incinerates all the waste into ash.  The ash is periodically dumped out.  Incinerating toilets use a lot of power in short bursts when “flushed”, so they are not compatible with solar power.

Choose any paint and stain colors. Choose any kitchen & bathroom fixture (as long as it meets RVIA standards).



Only available in models designed for washer/dryers. 

Stacked Washer and Dryer

Kinderhook Tiny House Restroom Shower Washer Dryer Toilet

Washer/Dryer Combo (pictured at left)

Double Loft Tiny House- The Cold Spring Kitchen and Living Room

In-wall electric heater

In-wall electric air conditioner

Minisplit (electric heating & cooling)

Solar Power Systems

We don’t provide solar power, but it can be hooked up to tiny houses.  Please contact your local solar provider for a quote.  Alt-E Store has great info on tiny house solar systems.  If you choose solar power, your appliances and energy use will need to be compatible with your system.

Fold-away stairs (great for houses that travel often)

Least expensive option.

Wooden stairs; no handrail

Wooden stairs with handrail

Deck or Porch with stairs (any size): regional availability or build your own

Silver Lake Tiny House Deck Porch


ADA-compliant ramps have a 1:12 pitch, which means for a typical tiny house entryway that’s 24 inches off the ground, a wheelchair ramp would need to be 24 feet long.  This is do-able.  We’ve also parked a tiny house next to an embankment and built a 4′ bridge over the gap.  Speak to us about your accessibility requirements and we’ll work with you to come up with creative solutions.

After you’ve had a chance to review our tiny house designs and your customization options, contact us to schedule a design session.  Read on to find out the pricing for the three different types of design sessions.

Pricing for Customizations & Alterations

CUSTOMIZATION CHOICES, like materials, colors, light fixtures, cabinet pulls, and bathroom fixture style, are always free: the pricing for your choices will be reflected in your personalized quote after our design session. 

For example, if you choose a light fixture that’s more expensive than usual, we’ll add the material cost of that light fixture to your quote.  However, we won’t charge you a design fee for your light fixture because the blueprints of the house aren’t changing, and generally it takes the same amount of labor to install a regular light fixture versus an expensive one.

ENTIRELY ORIGINAL DESIGNS are available when we will be building six or more identical tiny houses; there is a design fee of $2500. This design fee includes our initial design session, research, design and renderings, a quote, a follow-up design session, and two free revisions.  The extra time taken to build a custom, rather than a mass-produced, tiny house will be built into your quote. Any further revisions are billed at $50 per hour of the designer’s time.  

Ready To Get Started?

When you’re ready to get started, contact us and we’ll schedule a tiny house design session, where we’ll go over all your options and prepare a quote for you.