Bring Your Vision To Life With Trusted, Skilled and Experienced Custom Tiny House Construction.

Entirely original designs for projects of 3 or more houses

are a fee of $2500.  This includes two free revisions.  Any further revisions are billed at $50 per hour of the designer’s time.  The extra time taken to build a custom, rather than a mass-produced, tiny house will be built into the quote.  We can create original designs for projects where we’ll build 3 or more of the same house.  

Alterations to our existing blueprints for projects of 1 or more house

are $800.  Any further revisions are billed at $50 per hour of the designer’s time.  The extra build time and materials for an altered floor plan will be built into the quote.  Alterations include adding a loft to houses where possible, changing window sizes and locations, designing a custom staircase, and changing the roof shape where possible.

Customization choices

like exterior and interior wall materials, appliances, colors, open shelving versus cabinetry with doors, are always free– these choices will be reflected in the materials and installation cost.  

With exceptions for professional partnerships, we do not sell the rights to our tiny house designs for other professionals to build.  

Plenty of people are excited about tiny house construction – they have ideas in their heads or hand-drawn sketches and are just not sure how to get the process moving. That’s where B&B Micro Manufacturing comes in. As one of the most experienced tiny house construction companies in the industry, our team will take your project from start to finish regardless of where you are in the process. We’ll listen to your ideas, learn about your budget and functional needs, and deliver a finished product that exceeds your expectations. Already have blueprints? Great, we’re ready to make your vision a reality!

Although the most economical option is customizing one of B&B’s pre-drawn plans, some people want a completely original tiny house designed from scratch.  Custom plans and builds come at a substantial increase in cost and turnaround time, but those willing will receive a beautiful tiny house designed for their exact needs and lifestyle. Read our blog post on creating an Original Tiny House Design vs. Purchasing a Pre-Designed Tiny House.

Trust a tiny house construction company with a comprehensive design and build plan.

Many people come to us with sketches or a rough idea of what they want out of a tiny house, both functionally and aesthetically. Others simply want to rely on our expertise to design and build them a safe and livable structure. We believe that meticulous planning during pre-construction will lead to a smooth execution during construction. A comprehensive design and build process allows us to identifying potential problems early instead of having to craft solutions on the fly.

Enjoy peace of mind working with experts who specialize in tiny home construction.

Not every general contractor has what it takes to master the nuances of tiny house construction. Unlike traditional “big” construction, every inch of a tiny house is carefully designed and crafted because every inch matters. As builders who specialize in tiny house construction, we understand that your space has to be livable in addition to being beautiful. Trust the experts to deliver custom tiny house construction that looks elegant and feels like a much larger home.  Combined, our 35 employees have over 500 years of experience in the construction fields.

B&B Micro Manufacturing is an RVIA Certified Builder – that means your tiny house is inspected to the highest standards.

If you’re planning on hitting the road with your tiny house, it needs to be a safe place to live in and to tow behind your vehicle. Being an RVIA Certified Builder means that our tiny house construction practices and materials are held to the highest possible standards for RV manufacturers (yes, your tiny house on wheels is considered an RV!). B&B builds to RVIA’s exacting safety standards and surprise third-party inspections are a routine part of our building process.  RVIA certification not only means that your tiny house is road-ready, but it also means you’ll have an easier time securing financing, insurance, and even places to park.

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