Past Project: The Cold Spring Tiny House

This tiny house is part of our Portfolio of Past Projects and is no longer being offered.  To see our current tiny house offerings, please go to our Signature Models


The Cold Spring tiny house is 28 feet long.  It is within the road-legal maximum width of 8 ½’ and height of 13 ½’.


The Cold Spring design is set apart by its two sleeping lofts.  Each loft has a cubby closet, making them semi-private.  One loft is accessed by a ship’s ladder and the other is accessed via stairs with built-in storage.

The Cold Spring’s kitchen has an apartment-sized fridge, propane stove/oven with range hood, washer/dryer combo, and Corian Limestone Prima countertops.

Beyond the kitchen is a bathroom with a composting toilet, vanity sink and extra-large walk-in shower.

At the other end of the house is the living room and eating area.


Recessed lighting is built-in throughout and there are pendant lights in the kitchen.

Choose between an in-wall electric heater with an optional air conditioner, and add an optional propane fireplace, or a minisplit for heating and cooling.

There is a washer/dryer combo in the kitchen.

RV hookups on the outside of the house allow for easy power and tank access.

Renderings are for visual reference only and may not reflect the actual dimensions of the finished tiny house.