Prefabricated Homes Can Be Any Shape or Size.

We build our houses in our shop and then ship them in sections to the build site, where they are professionally assembled and installed. 

Advantages of building a modular structure:

  • Modular homes are not constrained by shape or size.  It’s hard to tell the difference between modular homes and stick-built homes.
  • Shorter build time than on-site construction
  • No weather delays or danger of houses getting water damage before they are weather-sealed
  • Fewer days of on-site construction noise
  • Modular homes are inspected in the factory throughout the building process, and then again after they’re installed in place.
  • More efficient building process: when modular homes are built in multiples of the same design, builders complete projects better and faster. Builders have quick access to all jigs, tools in an organized workshop rather than transporting tools to the build site.

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