Coming Soon: B&B Modular Homes

B&B Modular is proud to be certified in the Massachusetts Manufactured Buildings Program.

We build our small modular houses in our weatherproof workshop and then ship them to the build site, where they are professionally installed. 

We are currently developing our first modular home plan now.  Please stay tuned for the plans and pricing.

Advantages of building a modular structure:

  • Modular homes can look just like traditionally-built homes
  • Shorter build time than on-site construction
  • No weather delays or danger of houses getting water damage before they are weather-sealed
  • Fewer days of on-site construction
  • Modular homes are inspected throughout the building process in the factory, and then again after they’re installed in place.
  • More efficient building process: when modular homes are built in multiples of the same design, builders complete projects better and faster. Builders have quick access to tools and jigs in an organized workshop rather than transporting tools to the build site.

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