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B&B Modular is proud to be certified in the Massachusetts Manufactured Buildings Program

Modular homes by B&B are built in our weatherproof workshop and then shipped out to the building site, where they are then professionally installed.

This model of B&B’s modular homes is conceptualized and has not yet been brought to fruition. Much like tiny houses on wheels and foundation, modular homes have their own set of unique characteristics. Due to the nature of them being manufactured in a shop, construction times are much faster. There is no need for weather delays or commute time to the site, allowing for more efficient and effective building.

We are currently developing our first modular home plan now.  Please stay tuned for the plans and pricing.


[ 360 sq.ft ]

30’L x 12’W

* Design Details are Entirely Customizable *


Built in a Climate Controlled Shop

Shipped & Assembled On-Site

Shorter Build Time

Thorough Inspection Process

Mass Production