Should you go with the base features or upgraded features in your tiny house?  It depends on your budget and preference.

All of the tiny houses on our website (except for the in-stock models) are built to order.  This means you’ll get to choose all the colors, materials, and fixtures used in your tiny house.

A vinyl shower insert, included in the base price.  

water tank waste tiny home new england

A tiled shower, an upgrade.  Tiles are available in many colors.

The starting price, which is listed with each Signature Model, contains everything you’ll need to have a fully-functioning basic tiny house.   Here’s a list of what you get in each house for the starting price:

  • Exterior: vinyl clapboard siding, asphalt shingle roof
  • Interior: sheetrock walls, solid wood shiplap ceiling
  • Kitchen: mini-fridge built into the cabinetry, kitchen sink, 2-burner built-in glass cooktop, cabinetry
  • Bathroom: vinyl shower, mini sink, toilet (see our blog post on toilets)
  • Heating: in-wall electric heater
  • Efficiency: double-paned windows, foam board and/or bat insulation
  • Hookups: RV hookups for water and power (see our blog post on hooking up your tiny house)

All of these features can be upgraded where the design of the tiny house allows.

Click the button to see a list, with photos, of all the base options and upgrades:

Vinyl siding, included in the base price.  Available in many colors.

Wood shiplap siding, an upgrade.  Available in many colors.

Pricing upgrades are different for different features.  For features that are static, such as changing the two-burner cooktop to a three-burner propane stove and oven, the upgrade price is the same no matter the model.  For features that are different sizes in different houses, like upgrading the exterior from vinyl to wood shiplap, the difference between the starting price and the upgraded price depends on the size of the house.

Electric two burner glass cooktop, included in the base price.  

Propane three-burner stove/oven, an upgrade.  

To help you get a ballpark estimate for the house you want with the upgrades you want, try the Instant Estimate Generator by selecting the red “Start Your Build” button at the top right of every page on the website.

You’ll start your instant estimate by selecting the house you want.  The starting price of the house is listed: if you select all the features included in the base price, which are the first features on the left in each category, you’ll end up with the starting price as your instant estimate.  If you choose upgrades, which are generally listed from least expensive on the left to the most expensive on the right of each category, you’ll end up with an estimate for the house and features you selected.

If keeping your tiny house to an affordable budget is a priority, don’t select all the top-of-the-line features.  Selecting every upgrade can increase your price up by $15,000 or more.  Instead, prioritize which features are must-haves and which ones aren’t.  If you have questions about specific features, check the blog or email us.

If you’d like to make changes to the house that are not listed on the Instant Estimate Generator, you may contact us to see if your changes are possible.  If changes to the blueprints are desired, there is a design alteration fee.  (Go to the Customization page and scroll down to “Pricing for Customizations & Alterations”.)

Ready to get started pricing your customized tiny house?  Choose your tiny house and then use the “Start Your Build” button to get an estimate.