an accessible addition

B&B Micro Manufacturing is proud to be the builder for Wheel Pad® additions.

Wheel Pad is an eco-friendly, 200 square foot universally accessible modular addition (bed & bath) that can be temporarily or permanently attached to an existing home.  With additional jack bracing, an optional deck can be constructed for aesthetic purposes. Insulated electricity and plumbing mimic those used in RV systems.

Wheel Pad provides housing for people with mobility issues (SCI, ALS, eldercare, etc), allowing friends and/or family to provide support.


[ 220 sq.ft ]

26’L x 8’6″W x 13’6″H

Length of 26′

Road-legal maximum width of 8’6″

Road-legal maximum roof height of 13’6″

Custom Design


ADA Accessible Tiny House Addition

Ramped Entryway

Sliding Entry Doors

Additional 4’x6′ connection between house & Wheel Pad

Full-Sized ADA Wet Room

w. shower, toilet, grab bars, & accessible sink

Ceiling Track Across Entire Unit

Photography ©Carolyn Bates Photography

Text on this page is adapted from promotional materials by Wheel Pad L3C.  More information on WheelPad can be seen here.  

Wheel Pad was designed by Joseph Cincotta, Principal Architect of LineSync Architecture in collaboration with Riley Poor, who is successfully living with tetraplegia. Advisors also include Owen Milne, successfully living with quadriplegia, and Ben Underhill, successfully living with paraplegia. Wheel Pad is optimized for maximum accessibility, firmness, commodity, and delight. Raised to the level of the house with customized support, Wheel Pad can be equipped with a ramp to allow its inhabitant’s independent access to the outside.